Hursey's Four Generations of Great Bar-B-Q


In 1945, Sylvester Hursey and his wife Daisy, took his own father's favorite method of preparing hickory smoked pork and added a "secret sauce" to establish the Hursey Bar-B-Q tradition. From a homemade pit in their backyard, with neighbors and friends as their first customers, their method was rehearsed and perfected. As their business outgrew their home, the Hurseys purchased a cafe on the corner of Piedmont St. in Gibsonville, NC. They had two large pits built on the backside to accommodate the growing demand for their barbecue. In 1949, the first license ever granted by the state of North Carolina to a barbecue wholesaler was framed and hung proudly on the walls of that little cafe. Charles, the older of the two sons began "learning the business" by helping his parents during summers and after school. His first position was that of car-hop. In 1960, he joined his parents in their business full time - operating the retail cafe and managing the wholesale end at the same time.